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Gabriel Hakim

BAgrSc GDipAgribus MEng(SustEn)

Over the last 18 years Gabriel has worked with rural businesses to identify, evaluate, and implement energy efficient and sustainable energy technologies. He has extended this capability by working with organisations to strategically enhance and develop their portfolio of sustainable energy products and services to capitalise on emerging market conditions.

Gabriel has worked in agriculture for 34 years having had roles across industry, from government (research, education and extension) through to the private sector (marketing, technical, business ownership, consultancies). He provides a unique perspective and understanding of the academic, commercial, social, environmental and practical realities.


(Sustainable Energy with Distinction)

RMIT University
Melbourne, Australia


Monash University
Melbourne, Australia


University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia

Specialised Skills & Capabilities


  • Business strategy and marketing
  • Business and financial management and analysis
  • Market research and analysis
  • Staff management
  • Human resources (skills auditing, position descriptions, assessments)
  • Team building and motivation
  • Information management
  • Stakeholder management


  • Strategic planning, project management and delivery
  • Energy efficiency and energy productivity
  • Financial & technical assessment of energy investment options
  • Product research & development
  • Presentation and public speaking (over 250 presentations, talks, keynote addresses)
  • Extension/advisory program design, management and delivery
  • Skills training and mentoring
  • Science & business writing
  • Milk harvesting (all facets – people, facilities, equipment and animals)
  • Milking machine performance testing and analysis
  • Dairy Design
  • IT skills (MS Office, Reckon accounting), IT infrastructure

The open day in February 2004 for the current dairy at Ellinbank. This dairy operates as part of the Victorian Government’s dairy research facility. It was built by Dairy Equipment Specialists, the company owned and managed by Gabriel Hakim.

The Feed pad and surrounding infrastructure at Ellinbank was designed and project managed by Gabriel Hakim. This was a collaborative project with the staff at Ellinbank to ensure the facility would satisfy the demands of research and provide a safe environment for staff and animals. It was completed in March 2009.

The Green Cleaning System™ was the outcome of an industry funded project to develop the proof of concept of an energy efficient, low temperature, re-use milking machine cleaning system. When compared with conventional cleaning systems the Green Cleaning System™ used 85% less energy, 65% less water, and 30-50% less chemicals. Gabriel Hakim designed the system. He collaborated with seven commercial (and competitive) companies to facilitate industry awareness and acceptance. The three-year project ended in June 2011 with an industry launch. Green Cleaning Systems™ are still in use today.

Sample of Recent Energy Related Projects

Energy assessment of 80 Victorian farms (June 2018 – December 2021).

Working in partnership with Northmore Gordon (an energy consultancy firm) to undertake Type 1 and Type 2 energy audits for the Victorian government as part of its Agricultural Energy Investment Plan. In addition to undertaking audits, much of the time was spent mentoring the young engineers of Northmore Gordon. It was rewarding to work with skilled and talented individuals and help them develop, adapt, and present the energy efficiency opportunities they identified to the farming context. For the farming businesses, they received reports that were insightful, thorough, easy to understand and above all, offered solutions that were practical and relevant.

Assessment of grant applications to improve energy efficiency on Victorian dairy farms (October 2019 – August 2020).

Working on behalf of the Victorian government to assess applications by dairy farms for grants to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. My experience in and familiarity with dairy energy use meant that the dairy sector could apply for funding without the need for undertaking an energy audit (as outlined above). This streamlined process produced a great outcome for all stakeholders: for govt., to efficiently direct resources, that actually reduced energy use and cost; for farmers, to have a critical appraisal of their proposed project; and for the taxpayer, to ensure good value for money was being achieved.

Design & development of a new highly energy efficient, highly automated 700 cow rotary dairy (on a green-field site for Chris & Charmaine Bagot, Jindivick, Victoria).

Technical management of this project which included the latest in dairy automation, improved design of the Green Cleaning System (see below), efficient use of energy, smart integration of renewables. This dairy consumes 50% less electrical energy than a conventional similar-sized dairy. It is designed to operate independently of the grid. This project allowed me to apply much of my know-how in dairy and energy to produce an outcome that challenges conventional thinking.

Energy assessment of 29 Queensland dairy farms (August – December 2019).

Working with the Queensland dairy industry to identify energy and cost saving opportunities for their members. This part of the industry had been in drought for several years and had already taken measures to reduce costs. In spite of this, significant savings were identified on 85% of the farms. Finding practical, low cost opportunities that made a difference to the bottom line was rewarding.

Energy strategy development and implementation for a large Gippsland independent school (Feb 2016 – Dec 2018).

Working with a 1,100-student school that spans three campus locations to develop a whole of school energy strategy. Gained an insight on how to prepare and involve the school for a significant investment in renewable energy and sustainable practices. This school was the first secondary school in Victoria to receive a 5-star rating in the Victorian Government’s ResourceSmart program for energy.

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