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Specialists in agricultural and veterinary project management and delivery.

Our award-winning company understands agriculture and brings together people with the skills and experience to deliver solutions for industry. AgVet Projects is about excellence in initiating, managing, delivering and evaluating projects… projects that exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our company is a trusted supplier to national livestock industries, government and agribusiness. Our directors, Rob Greenall and Gabriel Hakim each have over 30 years experience in leading projects and delivering outcomes – in research, development, education/extension projects and services.

However, we know that many projects benefit from a broad range of skills to maximise the chances of the project delivering on its outcomes. AgVet Projects provides a multidisciplinary approach – using our network of experienced professionals and individual consultants to build project teams to match requirements.

As a small, privately owned and operated company we are able to work closely with our clients to develop and deliver quality services tailored to their specific needs – without the large overhead costs associated with the larger public institutions. It is how we have developed strong relationships and a loyal clientele since opening our doors in 2007.

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