Project Portfolio

The Green Cleaning project team at the 2010 Banksia Environmental Awards

(see Research and Development – Green Cleaning project)

Victorian Environment Minister Ryan Smith launches the first commercial Green CleaningTM system in March 2011

(see Research and Development – Green Cleaning project)

New facilities at DPI Ellinbank

(see Dairy Technology & Design – Infrastructure work at DPI Ellinbank)

Rob Greenall and Gabriel Hakim at the National Savewater! Awards 2011

(see Research and Development – Green Cleaning project)

Industry Leadership
Milk safety and quality - risks and opportunities for the Australian dairy industryMapped the key milk safety and quality risks across the supply chain against the projects and activities being undertaken – to feed into an industry led strategic review. Involved researchers, milk companies, regulators and industry stakeholders.Nov 2014N/A
Antimicrobial use in the Australian dairy industry Reviewed and reported on current antimicrobial use, residue and resistance risks to industrySept 2014N/A
The development of a strategy to deliver RDE&E services to NSW dairy farmersA strategic review of the provision of research, development & extension services to the NSW dairy industryApril 2012N/A
NCDEA industry validation projectEstablish 12 industry panels involving 76 industry representatives to review and validate vocational education units for the NCDEAFeb 2012N/A
Development of the ‘Dairy Unplugged’ projectLeading the development of a new industry initiative to improve the energy efficiency of dairy farms, in collaboration with the industry and the major milk companiesFeb 2012N/A
Coordination of the industry reference groups - National Centre For Dairy Education AustraliaCoordinate and lead industry stakeholder groups in developing the national curriculum, training resources and assessment for vocational level dairy educationSept 2008N/A
Australian Dairy Conference program - speaker‘Parkie' ran another 'on the couch' session with industry leaders, this time discussing 'right to farm' issuesJan 2008N/A
Australian Dairy Conference program - speakerA live panel session were 'Parkie' interviewed leading farmers about the secrets of their successFeb 2007N/A
Skills Development
Product development and training – DeLaval AustraliaAssisted in the local introduction of the VPR200 equipment and technology. Conducted intensive dealership network training for users across AustraliaOn-goingN/A
Training of dairy energy assessors in Victoria and TasmaniaTraining qualified electricians and milk harvesting specialists in the standardised assessment of dairy farm energy use.March 2014N/A
Course: Practical dairy hygiene / milk quality skills for factory field officersBuilding practical and theoretical skills to investigate farm milk quality issueson-going
Course: Practical mastitis investigation skills for factory field officersBuilding practical and theoretical skills to investigate cell count and mastitis issues in herdson-going
Course: Milking machine testing skills for techniciansIndividual skills coaching program for milking machine technicianson-going
Milking machine dealership business developmentSetting up business systems to improve business analysis and strategic planning for dealershipson-going
National Centre For Dairy Education Australia Developing national curriculum and resources for level 5 (advanced diploma) animal health and welfare unitApril 2010N/A
National Centre For Dairy Education Australia - Animal health learning resources projectDeveloping the national animal health and welfare vocational training package unitsApril 2008N/A
Animal Health & Welfare
Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) management strategiesDeveloping a systematic approach to evaluating the biosecurity risks and assessing options for the prevention and control of endemic diseases on Australian dairy farms (using BVD as a case study)Dec 2014N/A
Validation of industry AH&W training resourcesReviewed the technical content and assessment materials of selected AH&W units used by the NCDEAJune 2013N/A
Animal welfare in large herdsA study into animal welfare management in large herdsJune 2013N/A
Biosecurity legislation reviewEvaluation of draft legislation on behalf of industryDec 2012N/A
Implications of new animal welfare StandardsAssessing the key implications of the new Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for the land transport of livestock, and proposed Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for CattleMarch 2012
/ April 2010
Wet conditions responseA range of information sheets on options for managing dairy cattle in response to very wet conditions in TasmaniaNov 2009View-Website
Animal welfare indicators for Demo FarmsDeveloping systems to track animal health and welfare on dairy industry demonstration farmsOct 2009N/A
Calf managementReview of recommendations and current practices in managing calves from birth to 1 week of ageDec 2008N/A
Dairy welfare outcomesReview of welfare outcomes in the Australian dairy industry’s current research, development, education and training portfolioDec 2008N/A
Milk harvesting & mastitis investigation - Farm investigationsOn-farm trouble shooting and problem solvingon-going
Dairy cow lameness - national economic analysisAn economic analysis of the cost of lameness to the Australian dairy industryJune 2008N/A
Bovine Johnes Disease farmer information bookletA booklet for farmers on the key aspects of BJDFeb 2008N/A
Bobby calf fact sheetA fact sheet designed to support bobby calf welfareJan 2008N/A
Tail docking fact sheetsA series of web-based fact sheets to promote alternatives to tail dockingJune 2007N/A
Agvet chemicals regulation
Data guideline to support the efficacy of teat disinfectants Engaged dairy industry stakeholders and authored an update to the APVMA’s guideline #46. Dec 2014View-Website
Regulatory consultantAppointed as the Australian regulatory consultant for a large multinational manufacturer of agvet chemicals.On-goingN/A
Efficacy requirements for dairy cleansersDeveloping guidelines for the generation of efficacy data required to support the registration of dairy cleansersFeb 2012N/A
Risk and Quality Management
Milk quality systems reviewDelivered a ‘root and branch’ review of the milk quality management systems for Murray Goulburn Cooperative Ltd, Australia’s largest dairy co-operative. March 2014N/A
Dairy hygiene guidelines for the Australian dairy industryConsulted with industry and authored a comprehensive technical manual on dairy cleaning and hygieneDec 2013N/A
Quaternary Ammonium CompoundsReviewed the on-farm uses, alternatives and residue issues of QACs on behalf of the Australian dairy industry. Provided recommendations to milk companies to manage the risks.June 2013The Australian dairy industry was deemed compliant by Unilever in December 2013
Australian industry compliance with Unilever’s SACProvided technical support for the Australian industry’s response to meet Unilever’s Sustainable Agriculture CodeOct 2013N/A
Risk Management Systems in the Australian dairy industryActing as part of a team to review and produce resources that explain the dairy industry’s risk management systems that manage animal health, welfare, biosecurity, food safety, OH&S, environmental and public health risks.On-goingN/A
Issues Reference Manual for the Australian Dairy Industry - Part 3Writing and updating of specific risk management Issues Notes for the Australian dairy industryMay 2009 onwardsN/A
Dairy food safety frameworksAssisting the development of a document to introduce international auditors to the Australian dairy industry’s risk management and regulatory frameworksMarch 2009N/A
Issues Reference Manual for the Australian Dairy Industry - Part 2Writing and updating of specific risk management issuesMarch 2009N/A
Agricultural and veterinary chemicals risk management strategy projectContributions to the dairy industry's chemical risk strategy document with a focus on risks posed by animal treatments, water and dairy cleaning chemicalsJune 2008N/A
Issues Reference Manual for the Australian Dairy Industry - Part 1Updating and reviewing of the Australian dairy industry's key risk management referenceJune 2007N/A
Dairy Technology & Design
Review of major dairy feed-lot proposalReview and evaluation of a proposal for a major dairy fed-lot development in Western NSWJan 2013N/A
Calf housing case studiesDeveloping the structure and content requirements, and then completing multi-media case studies for the Dairy Australia websiteMarch 2013View-Website
Dairy energy assessment servicesDelivering dairy farm energy assessment services for industry and the commercial sector to AS/NZS 3598:2000.Dec 2014View-Website
Dairy effluent adviceAssessment and advice in meeting EPA requirements for Victorian dairy farmers On-goingN/A
Dairy energy assessment toolCreating a national tool to assess the energy used by Australian dairies. March 2012N/A
Infrastructure work at DPI EllinbankConsulting work to guide a major new infrastructure project at Australia’s largest Government research farm. The project encompasses feedpads, feed bunkers, tied-stall feed shed, feed mixing facility, cattle handling facilities, effluent management system, water recycling and re-use.March 2010N/A
Water use in dairy shedsDeveloping a workbook and training advisers on how to estimate the volume of water used for dairy shed processesSept 2009View-Website
Innovations in dairy designA web-based resource for farmers building new environmentally friendly dairiesFeb 2008View-Website
Water savings in the dairy projectA series of 50 fact sheets promoting ideas to save water around the dairyJuly 2008View-Website
Research & Development
Green Cleaning system market developmentFurther work to support the introduction of Green Cleaning to the Victorian dairy industryJuly 2012N/A
Green Cleaning projectA large research and development project which aims to develop and commercialise the next generation of environmentally - friendly milking machine cleaning technology
June 2011View-Website
Final Report
CowTime project planningPlanning and writing the successful 2007 funding submissionMarch 2007View-Website
International Projects
International Dairy Federation (IDF) Farm GuidelinesReview, update and author IDF Guides on ‘good dairy farming practice’, ‘Prudent use of veterinary antimicrobial agents’ and ‘dairy hygiene’ for consideration by the IDF’s Standing Committee on Farm ManagementJune 2014View Guide
View Guide
Sri LankaConsultancy services in tropical dairy farming systems (feeding, animal health, milk harvesting and infrastructure) provided on site for a proposed large scale dairy development Aug 2008N/A

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