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We know that the best specialist skills are found in the myriad of professionals who have established their own small consultancy firms in many different parts of Australia. The AgVet Projects Network brings these experienced agricultural and veterinary consultants together – giving our clients access to the best expertise in Australia through the one company.

Each of our Network Members has been invited into the Network because they are recognised in the industry for their specialist skills and professionalism in service delivery. Most have had long careers in the public and/or private sectors, most have post-graduate degrees and all have extensive experience in agricultural or veterinary project management and delivery.

In joining with us, each Member has made an undertaking to follow our strict ethical principles in delivering for our clients. We know that you will be satisfied with the performance of any of our Members and your project will benefit from the broad array of skills that can be harnessed through the wider Network.

Browse through our team’s one page biographies to see if we have the skills you are after. If not, drop us a line and we will use our extensive contacts to find the right skills for you. Dealing with AgVet Projects makes this easy. We can organise the expertise you require, when and where you require it.

AgVet Projects Directors
NameSpecialist skillsSinceLink
Dr. Rob Greenall Project management (research, development and extension), dairy industry risk management, dairy health and productionFeb 2007View short biography
Mr. Gabriel Hakim Dairy infrastructure, milk harvesting, milk quality, dairy hygiene, energy efficiency, effluent managementFeb 2007View short biography
AgVet Projects Network Members
NameSpecialist skillsSinceLink
Prof. Tom Cowan Tropical dairy farming systems, agronomy, nutritionJuly 2008View short biography
Dr. Robert Irwin Agribusiness, international project management, livestock exportSept 2008View short biography
Dr. Richard Shephard Veterinary epidemiology, animal health, drug trials, biometricsSept 2008View short biography
Dr. John MoranDairy farm management, farm business management, calf and heifer management, tropical dairy farming systems, dairy research, extension and educationSept 2011View short biography
Mr. Ian TeeseAgribusiness, international dairy infrastructure and project development economist, project evaluation, large scale dairy farm management.May 2012View short biography
Mr David StewartLand management, farm mapping, agvet chemicals regulation, agricultural extension, project planning, delivery and evaluationFeb 2013

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