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AgVet Projects (ABN 35 123 950 167) has grown rapidly since being established in early 2007.

The company is owned and managed by two experienced agricultural and veterinary consultants passionate about service delivery into the agricultural sector.

Rob Greenall BSc BVMS(hons) MVS

Rob-Greenall_02Rob Greenall is a registered veterinarian who has worked in private practice and various roles in the public sector, most recently as the Director of the National Milk Harvesting Centre, based at Ellinbank. Rob has a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Studies (Dairy Cattle Medicine and Production).

Rob has led over 25 separate research and extension projects including the Green Cleaning project and the CowTime project (a national dairy industry learning package). He is a proficient public speaker and his technical skills include stakeholder and project management, project evaluation, agvet chemicals regulation, risk assessment, dairy labour productivity and milk harvesting technology. He is well networked within the dairy industry and passionate about improving the life of dairy farmers and rural communities more generally.

Gabriel Hakim BAgrSc GDipAgriBus MEng(SustEn)

GabTrained in agricultural science, Gabriel began his career in mastitis research over 24 years ago. He is well known throughout the Australian dairy industry and has an intimate understanding of its needs and workings; from the grass roots dairy farmer through to the Government and commercial sectors.

Gabriel has trained farmers, students, veterinarians, and milk harvesting technicians in areas such as mastitis control, milk quality, dairy hygiene, refrigeration, milking machine performance, and their inter-relationships.

Gabriel was the National Aftermarket and Service Manager for DeLaval Australia and for 8 years owned and managed a milking machine dealership (Dairy Equipment Specialists). He had key involvement in the invention, development and commercialisation of the Yard Blaster yard wash system, the company he still owns today. The Yard Blaster has now become the preferred method of cleaning dairy yards in Australia.

In recent years Gabriel has focussed on energy efficiency and sustainable energy technologies and how they may be best utilised in dairy industry. At the practical level he has developed a dairy farm energy assessment tool for the industry, trains and mentors energy assessors and provides advice on evaluating technology options. He also designed the Green Cleaning project’s low temperature, energy efficient, re-use cleaning system for milking machines.

Gabriel has a Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness and various other industry-related qualifications. He is currently completing a Master of Engineering (Sustainable Energy) through RMIT University.

Jenny Williams
Jenny_WilliamsJenny Williams joined the AgVet Projects team as a project officer in 2009. Most recently she has been focussed on deciphering dairy farm electricity bills and organising the logistics for the delivery of dairy energy assessment services.

Jenny previously worked in the herd improvement industry, milks part-time and has a wealth of experience in milk harvesting and herd testing procedures.

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